About us

T.S. Eliot wrote about so many cats ... I’m surprised that he omitted to mention a very special type, designer cats - The Katsicats.  

Fiercely independent, they design on everything – just because.
There are secretly many of us.  You know if you are one.
We are Katsicats

When you purchase a Katsicats product, you are part of the creative story. You carry the energy, spirit and adaptability of the community. Anything that hurdles us off balance (especially during this COVID-19 pandemic) it is known that as a Katsicat, you always land on your feet.
Let me tell you the real story. The story I tell new friends over coffee. The story of how Katsicats all started. After graduating college in 2015, I had been accepted to what I thought was my dream program, the Transdisciplinary Design MFA at The New School in NYC. However, the decision to pay tens of thousand of dollars made my stomach churn. The risk was high, how would I pay it off?

I deferred the program for a year and did research. What did I want out of the program? Who would hire me? Did I even want to work for someone else? 
What it all boiled down to was my desire to surround myself with intelligent, creative, cross-disciplinary human souls. I wanted a network in which I could launch my entrepreneurial ideas - start a business. And schools of such caliber connect you with the best of the best. 

A few days before making my final decision, I sat at the kitchen table in my childhood home in Alexandria Virginia. My father put down his newspaper and said.. "you look distressed, I have something for you." He then scampered upstairs.

+ My father is a Washington D.C. based attorney - little would know he is also a fantastic poet and creative writer. 

He returned with a stack of legal pads (8.5 x 14) and placed them confidently in from of me. They are filled with writings. I could see through his scratchy text, that this was a mountain of creative gold. It was a gift with the power to change my life. 

He explained with such joy, "I've written you a company! A company that brings together untapped talent, giving them a platform to express and succeed as one. And...It will all start with a product." I took his initial vision and ran with it! Declined going to grad school, packed my car, and moved to NYC. 

Over the years, Katsicats has evolved. Starting with shoes and jackets.
But now, we've heard your Kat calls,
Masks that enhance personality and identity.